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PLEASE NOTE: With this order, you will be charged a deposit amount of $100. This amount is based on your expected item count and the total price will be adjusted upon delivery. Pink Delivery Cart only charges customers a Shoppers Fee and for the Delivery of their items. All price adjustments are made after groceries are purchased and upon your scheduled delivery.

Thank you for choosing Pink Delivery Cart to keep you and your family safe through these uncertain times as well as enjoying a local shopper experience with 100% customer satisfaction. We are looking forward to providing you with the best possible experience. Our mission is to exceed your expectations and help as many families and our community with your membership and loyalty!

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Select Your Expected
Item Amount

The amount listed below is the deposit of your order based on the amount of items you would like for Pink Delivery Cart to deliver to your door. The balance of your grocery list will be billed at the time of delivery.

0-20 Items

$100 Deposit

20-50 Items

$150 Deposit

50-100 Items

$250 Deposit