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All Pink Shoppers Undergo An Extensive Background Check, Screened & Verified For You And Your Families Safety

Are you having trouble with our order process? If so, please call us at 973-861-8974 and our friendly (no wait call line) customer support team will walk you through the process. Believe us, you will be glad you did!

Welcome to Pink Delivery Cart if this is your first time with us simply click the first time order button and follow the instructions. If you are a proud Pink Member please login and submit your order. Thank you for choosing Pink Delivery Cart.

Your Safety

We are all dedicated to the communities we live in and safety of our customers which is most important to Pink Delivery Cart. All our Pink Shoppers are required to undergo an extensive background check, Screened & Verified for you and your families safety as well as the Safety of our Pink Shoppers. PDC, carries extensive insurance to keep you at ease if any possible situation arises.

Saving You Money

When shopping with Pink Delivery Cart you automatically become eligible for our Membership Programs which are designed to help save you money! Our most popular: unlimited deliveries per month with PINK PAY program which allows you to pay once a month for all of your groceries (no credit check required, but subject to our collection department if not paid) Please see our Membership Page for more details!

Quality Time

Pink Delivery Cart not only provides a great customer interaction experience but also helps you with your daily duties, why rush around when we can at least take part in shopping for you and your family.

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Select Your Expected
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